B37 is a Venture Capital firm that derives ROIC from a platform in which startups and global corporations exchange innovation and scale.


We will change the world!  

We are passionate about innovation; Innovation is the swiftest road to a better quality of life worldwide.  

We back smart, slightly crazy people!  

We admire imagination and courage; Success lies in imagination, and in the courage of those who dare to make dreams a reality.  

No Assholes!  

We thrive on attitude; Confidence comes from knowledge, arrogance comes from ignorance.  

No Bullshit!  

We obsess over honesty; No poker, no bluffs, look people in the eye and tell them the way you intend to go.  


Hence, we proclaim:  Be courageous, be innovative, be honest and face challenges with a smile. Remember, we are changing the world. Rely on the team, listen to it and sacrifice for it. We are your teammate, we’ll be right there with you.